Cambridgeshire County Council update 15th May 2020

Council’s Covid-19 Coordination Hub providing ’11 out of 10′ support

Managed and operated by redeployed council staff and volunteers, the ‘Countywide Coordination Hubs’ have already offered help to thousands of our shielded and most vulnerable members of society, supporting access to food, deliveries and medication, signposting to professional services, and offering a point of contact should any needs arise – all with an aim to help people protect themselves from the risks associated with Coronavirus.

Feedback from those receiving support has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying they didn’t think help was out there and having the reassurance of someone on the end of a phone is giving them the confidence and positivity they need to persevere through the lockdown period.

Cambridgeshire couple Mr and Mrs Peck, who are in their 70’s and receiving support from the Hub, said it is making an untold difference to their lives.

Mr Peck, himself a diabetic and fulltime carer for his wife, was finding it increasingly difficult to make daily trips to the pharmacy or the supermarket, and was worried about having to rely upon neighbours and in turn putting them at risk.

The Hub stepped in and are supporting the couple with online delivery slots and medicine pick-ups, while also delivering food parcels in the interim.

Mr Peck said:That initial phone call made so much of a difference for my wife and I. We instantly felt like someone cared about us, and it filled us with confidence that we would be supported.

“If I had to give the Council marks out of 10 I’d give them 11. We are so fortunate with their generosity. I cannot say thank you enough.”

Despite the sheer scale of the operation and speed at which it has come together, staff and volunteers working in the Hubs have said they are humbled by the experience, and have been only too willing to help where they can.

Phil Carter, who usually spends his day training social care staff, had the phone call with Mr Peck and has supported him and many others

Phil has been working in the Hub for a number of weeks, and has recorded a short video to express how it felt to be involved in the work –

Can you help transform the lives of young people?

Foster Care Fortnight (11-24 May) is the UK’s largest foster care awareness raising campaign, delivered by The Fostering Network. This year’s campaign message is all about how the dedication and commitment of foster carer’s helps to transform lives.

Our need to provide safe, secure and loving homes for children and young people across Peterborough grows every year.

If we can keep more children local then they can attend the same school, keep in touch with their friends and get the support and guidance they deserve.

Being a foster carer is rewarding. You need is a spare bedroom and a sense of humour! We are encouraging people from ALL walks of life to consider fostering.

We have children and young people in our care of all ages and from different backgrounds. This includes siblings who are desperate to stay together, children with disabilities and teenagers.

We offer generous allowances and 24 hour access to advice and training.

If you would like to register your interest then email, call 0800 328 8433 or visit

Youngsters invited to enter a competition based on a series of swashbuckling stories

Peterborough Reads has launched a second writing contest, aimed at children learning from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The competition is inspired by James Patterson’s award-winning ‘Treasure Hunters’ books, which are centred around the adventures of the Kidd family. Four siblings – Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy need to find their missing parents by hunting for treasure. Their father is a legendary treasure hunter and their mother has been kidnapped by pirates.

To enter the competition, you need to produce a treasure map and short story alongside it, imagining that Mr and Mrs Kidd have been hidden in Peterborough.

The map should include landmarks, which can be imaginary, as well as an ‘X’ to mark the spot. Meanwhile, the story should explore the challenges the Kidd siblings must overcome and end with them finding their parents, mentioning the places on the map in your story.

The deadline to enter is Wednesday 20 May. Entries should be sent to, including name, age, and the school attended in the email.

Youngsters can sign up to a 30-day trial of Audible and listen to ‘Treasure Hunters’ for free here. For inspiration, an animated mini-series of ‘Treasure Hunters’ can be viewed on YouTube and story starters to help with writing can be found here.

For more information about Peterborough Reads visit the website here