Information for Residents

Information for Residents

Refuse Collection

Refuse collections are made on a Friday.  You can print off a calendar of which bins are collected which week and find out information regarding missed collection, new bins, recycling etc can be found on the District Council website website at:

Street Cleansing

Street cleaning and fly tipping on public land can be reported to the District Council Customer Services on 01353 665555 or via their Self Service Portal using the online format:


  • do NOT touch the waste – it may cause injury or be a hazardous material
  • do NOT disturb the site, it is a potential crime scene – there may be evidence that could help to identify the fly-tippers and lead to a prosecution
  • do NOT approach anyone you see fly-tipping – protect yourself first and foremost
  • Fly-tipping will normally be removed from town centres/shopping streets by the end of the next working day and other areas within 3 working days.

Street lighting

Most of the street lighting in the village of Little Thetford and surrounding areas is provided and maintained by Balfour Beaty on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.  Details of individual lamp-posts can be examined at:

Faults can be notified to Balfour Beaty on 0800 7838247 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or via their website at: