Playground Consultation 2020 (closes 31st December 2020)


Earlier this year, we asked residents to give us some ideas on what they would like to see in the playground if Little Thetford Parish Council (LTPC) were in a position to upgrade it.  We had some fantastic ideas from you and though it was lockdown, we managed to get some quotes in from three companies.

LTPC understand that should it be decided to upgrade the playground, we can seek external funding for a portion of it.  To do this we have to demonstrate that we have consulted with residents on what they would like to see and seek their views on the plans submitted.

The Brief

We asked the three companies to retain some equipment including: the springy ones, some of the trial equipment and the mound.  We felt that we should show some sustainability and not replace everything for the sake of it.

They were asked to make the playground as inclusive as possible considering the limited space we have available.

The Designs

We have displayed large images of the designs at the Playground and the Village Hall to make it easier for residents to see the designs.  Once you have viewed the designs, please consider the following and complete the very short questionnaire available to download here or to complete online.

The Companies

The three companies (purely listed in alphabetical order) who have supplied designs are:

Hags UK –have provided a design which would cost £50,000 + VAT (after discount)

Kompan – have provided a design for £59,528.20 + VAT*

Sovereign – have provided a design for £40,282.19 + VAT

* Kompan would provide some donations towards local groups: £100 to Little Acorns, £100 to the Primary School, £100 to the Friendship Group and £100 to another group of LTPC’s choice