Council Members

Phil Hadley

A Mancunian by birth, I’ve lived in Little Thetford for a number of years with my partner and stepdaughter. We are all active participants in village life.

In 2021, following a 25-year career in R&D, I pivoted and began work as Health & Safety Manager for a manufacturing company in Cambridge.

Health and safety can be a ‘hard sell’, especially to those who hold an outdated or jaundiced view of the discipline. Thankfully, though, my skills in logical reasoning and communication are a great help. These are skills that transfer readily to the role of parish councillor.

Away from work, I am looking forward to recovering from a knee injury to allow me to run again. I have been an enthusiastic (if somewhat slow!) DIYer too, but as my personal commitments mount, my inclination to embark on new projects diminishes!

Objectively independent, I aim to serve the people of Little Thetford with commitment and pride, and without fear or favour.

If you think I may be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me on